by your hands

Create Your own Rings


What better way to symbolize your devotion and commitment to one another than to shape the symbols of your union together and with your own hands say “we made our rings”


At The Jewelbox workshop, you and your partner will work with Micky Roof and her talented goldsmiths with jeweler’s torches, saws, hammers and other tools of the trade to cast, cut, form, shape and polish your own wedding bands. The whole process will take about six hours and in most cases, your rings will be ready to take home by the end of your session.

Our workshops are on Saturdays from 10AM to 4PM with a half hour break for a catered lunch. Since we want our workshop to be a special step on the path to your wedding day, your session will be for you and your partner only so you can receive our undivided attention and create a special, lasting memory together from the experience.


Class details

The session fee is $620 per couple plus the cost of materials. Before your workshop you will meet with Micky Roof for an initial consultation to discuss the details of the rings being made such as ring sizes, ring widths and desired metals, which will determine your cost of materials.

Metals available for the Make Your Wedding Rings Workshop:

14K Yellow Gold

14K White Gold

14K Rose Gold

18K Yellow Gold

18K White Gold

18K Rose Gold

In addition to your workshop experience, you will receive photographs from your ring-making session, as well as a complimentary bottle of bubbly to take home for a post-session celebration.


Please note that any additional customization such as stone setting and engraving are not included in these costs.


Come in or call The Jewelbox at 607-257-4666 to set up your initial workshop consultation. We’ll be happy to provide you with further information about our workshops, show you samples of what can be made and answer any other questions before we begin. We look forward to being part of your special day!